Managing The Workplace

In today’s marketplace, finding the edge to help you gain a competitive advantage lies in selecting and developing high performance workforces.

Pomaybo, Inc. provides workforce solutions to help you identify and understand your talent management issues, build effective teams, develop leaders, improve performance and communication, and improve your processes to make sure that you hire and maintain the right person for the right job.

We will provide solutions:

For your managers to better understand their employees and themselves

To maintain compliance with Federal and State labor laws

For customized employer sponsored benefit plans and administration

Managing Supervisors


If you experience poor productivity, low levels of engagement, poor morale or turnover…you may attribute this to conflicts in the supervisor/employee relationship.

Research indicates that 85% of employees terminate due to conflicts in the boss/employee relationship.

Pomaybo, Inc. provides training solutions, tools, coaching and a variety of customized management programs to help your managers communicate more effectively with their peers and direct reports. Ask us about:


Checkpoint 360

Managerial Fit

Managing Employees

Managing employees is probably the most difficult thing that any company has to deal with. Your employees are your most valuable asset.

Employees create the structure and backbone of any organization. Talent management, building effective teams, developing leaders and improving performance, as well as, communicating effectively with employees can be the key to your success or failure.

Whether you have 1 employee or 5,000 employees, Pomaybo, Inc. has solutions for you.

To learn more, visit the links below or contact us for a complimentary workforce evaluation to create a customized solution for you!

Workplace Engagement

Did You Know?

Disengaged employees are 53% less productive than their engaged counterparts.

Disengaged employees are 24% more likely to remain at their current employer.

Wouldn’t you want to know whether your employees are aligned with corporate values, engaged and focused OR distracted, “watching the clock” and looking for another job?

Our Workplace Engagement Survey™ (WES) will help you to identify if your employees are focused on their work and emotionally involved with the company.

Learn how to reduce turnover and increase your productivity today!

Employee Separation

Pomaybo, Inc. can provide assistance to employees affected by a potential or planned layoff, termination or employment separation in helping them to identify options for future gainful employment opportunities thru the use of Pathway Planner.

An in depth planning and personal assessment you can use as an educational and career planning tool to help you discover what career possibilities best suit you. Research shows when you find the right career match, your probability for success and satisfaction increases dramatically. Whether you are pre-college, in college or simply in transition seeking the right career fit, Pathway Planner provides you with critical decision making information to help you shape your future.

Pathway Planner