We provide a large range of employee assessment tools to ensure that your applicants and employees meet your expectations in terms of job match, compatibility with corporate culture and other aspects. Assessments can also measure performance, promotability, managerial skills and other aspects of your current employees.

Assessments measure an individual's attributes and accurately describe those attributes. When a person's attributes are known, they can be compared to the qualities required by a particular job or profession. Thus, job match can be achieved.

Organizations are able to make more effective employment-related decisions when professionally developed assessment tools are used. Assessments give information that managers can use to coach, motivate and manage people more effectively.

  • Standard interviewing techniques only offer a 14% chance of finding the right individual for the right job.
  • Assessing behavioral traits yields a 38% assurance of "Job Fit"Adding a thinking abilities assessment results in a 54% "Job Fit".
  • Adding assessments for occupational interests increases "Job Fit" to 66%.
  • Add the use of a Job Match Pattern and you get outstanding employees 75% of the time.

Assessments help companies find untapped talent within their organizations. Assessments reduce a company's "people problems." Reducing people problems give managers more time to work toward achieving a company's goals.

Most companies spend 50-60% of their income on people costs - there is a tremendous potential for increased dollar profits when efficiencies in human capital investments are achieved through the use of assessments.