About Us

Dawn Pomaybo is the founder and President/CEO of Pomaybo, Inc.

Dawn’s vast knowledge of businesses, processes and industries have brought many diverse clients to seek her knowledge and consultation. Dawn helps organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and guides the development of plans and processes for improvement.

Organizations hire Dawn to gain external, objective advice and recommendations for both temporary, one-time projects and for long-term solutions and services. Dawn provides guidance in organizational change, development of coaching for supervisors and employees, strategy development and operational improvement.

Dawn has over 20 years of experience that provide her with the skills necessary to consult in all facets of organizational development. Dawn has worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies to smaller independent shops and industries that are just as varied. Her clients have diverse workforces that may have only a few employees to thousands of employees in multiple states and countries.

Pomaybo, Inc. focuses specifically on the utilization of tools and services to help businesses enhance the productivity of your employees.  These tools help businesses in the areas of recruiting and promoting, while increasing your ability to retain valuable employees. 

Dawn Pomaybo


The National Association of the Women’s Interactive Network

…where professional women network with a purpose

Being a philanthropist at heart, Dawn helps to raise money and awareness for a multiple number of charities. Dawn is also committed to helping others personally and professionally. She became involved with a local networking organization, WIN-Pittsburgh, and was quick to realize its potential and ability to help others. WIN-Pittsburgh was established in 2006 as a networking organization for professional women in the Greater Pittsburgh area. In June 2011, WIN-Pittsburgh was re-organized as a division of Pomaybo, Inc.

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As WIN developed into a strong and vibrant local organization, it became apparent that the content and structure could easily be carried into other cities. Moving forward, Dawn put together a vision and plan to expand the reach of WIN, thereby founding WIN-National, The National Association of the Women’s Interactive Network…where professional women network with a purpose. As of today, WIN has touched thousands of professionals – men and women alike – who share in the thirst to help themselves and others personally and professionally. WIN & all of it’s chapters are divisions of Pomaybo, Inc.