Employee Selection & Evaluation

Have you ever hired that perfect applicant to find out that they are nothing like the person you interviewed? You’re not alone!

Standard Interviewing techniques only provide you with a 14% chance of hiring the right individual, the first time, for the right job.

By following our recommended pre-hire protocols you may be able to increase your chances of hiring the right individual, the first time, for the right job up to 75%.

By utilizing our vast array of services, not only will you be able to determine if the employee can and will do the job, but if they want to do the job. These tools will help you to determine job fit/match, provide you with coaching materials as you acquaint the employee to the environment and succession planning guidelines.

Did You Know?

30% of job applications contain false information.

75% of employees who steal from employers do so repeatedly.

20% of workplace death is linked to alcohol or drug use.

Variety of disciplines, skill levels and languages.

It has been estimated that more than 50 percent of people lie on their resumes. Your hiring managers need to know for certain if a candidate can actually do what they say they can do. This can be especially important in jobs where there is little or no training time available.

Skills tests may also be used to measure a current employee. Knowing the gap between an employee’s current capability and what’s required to do a job helps prioritize and target training and development investment.

Skill testing includes a comprehensive list of skill tests to measure essential pre-employment skills and knowledge.

Ask about the Profiles Step One Survey II®

As an employer, you are entitled to know who you are hiring before you tender a job offer. Additionally, you are legally obligated to know the backgrounds of the people you hire. Failure to conduct thorough background checks puts you and your company at risk, creating a negligent hiring liability that can threaten the future of your business.

  • Consumer Credit Reports
  • Criminal History Record
  • Driver’s History Report (DMV)
  • Education Verification
  • Foreign Nationals
  • Terrorist Sanctions Search
  • Employment History Verification
  • Identity Verification Search
  • Incarceration Records Search
  • Military Service Verification
  • Cursory Nationwide Criminal Index Database Search (CNID)

Pre- & Post-Employment Drug & Alcohol Screening

Throughout the employment life cycle, the potential for substance abuse is always there; however, by identifying those individuals who use illegal drugs before they actually become employees will have a positive effect in the workforce and will help to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Let us help you to determine and implement the best pre-hire protocols for your company.

Assessments help companies find untapped talent within their organizations. Assessments reduce a company’s “people problems.” Reducing people problems give managers more time to work toward achieving a company’s goals. Most companies spend 50-60% of their income on people costs – there is a tremendous potential for increased dollar profits when efficiencies in human capital investments are achieved through the use of assessments.

Automatically administer your pre-hire assessments.

Do you want to simplify your recruiting and hiring system?   Expand your applicant pool?  And Track your Applicants?  Use Job based questions to qualify your candidates and screen your applicants for job fit!

Track where your applicants are coming from to help you determine where your best candidates are coming from and streamlining your recruiting budget. Have all of your applicant notes, scores, and email correspondence  tracked through the system and have the ability to share that information with your hiring managers. Collect and generate EEO-1, Affirmative Action, and other Federal and State reporting requirements. Shorten “open to hire” time;