Pomaybo, Inc. specializes in assisting businesses with a broad range of workforce related issues that can affect organization development, profitability and growth. We help organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and guide the development of plans and processes for improvement.

Assessments for hiring, coaching, leadership, productivity & more.

Group / individual health & supplemental benefits, wellness programs & more.

Products, tools & services to manage employees & the workplace.

Small business plans that offer business legal matter consultations.

Choose the right payroll or PEO option based on your business needs.

Our services enhance the productivity of your employees through assessments for recruiting and promoting, while increasing your ability to retain valuable employees. We can help you create meaningful rules and regulations for a clear understanding of employers expectations and employees rights. Additionally, we minimize your exposure to liability in labor related legal actions and other lawsuits.

Our 20+ years of experience allow us to identify your needs quickly, and to effectively select and implement the solutions that will work best for you.

Ask us for a complimentary labor & payroll evaluation!

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