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Employee Handbooks

A good employee handbook will lead to a clear understanding of the expectations of the employer and of the rights of the employees. It may not only improve the performance of your employees, but may also reduce the likelihood of legal labor related challenges. We can help you write a handbook or update existing ones to make sure they are clear and concise, and assist you with their compliance with federal laws and the laws of all the states in which you have employees.

Written policies will clarify for the employees what they can expect from you. New and existing employees will have a place to go for information freeing up valuable time for the employer or Human Resources. An employee handbook will show commitment to the employees in maintaining a professional, fair and consistent work environment. It shows the commitment of management to the employees.

Handbooks are living, breathing documents and should be updated at least twice per year, once for company changes and once for legal reasons. A well-written handbook should be written as to how you manage your workplace. A handbook should not manage you. We will help you to create a handbook that projects a professional, positive image of the company, reinforcing your commitment to employees and that they are valuable assets to your organization.

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