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24-Hour Reporting Hotline Service

ComplianceLine® engages in the business of providing 24-hour toll-free telephonic answering, reporting and tracking of compliance concerns to assist in the identification of possible unethical, illegal or questionable behavior.

ComplianceLine Objectives:

  • To act as an integral component of the client’s compliance program in order to assist with the detection and resolution of reported concerns;
  • To provide an avenue for employees and/or others to report serious concerns or violations, perceived or known;
  • To receive all calls as defined by the client’s scope of service and protocol;
  • To treat all callers with respect in a professional and courteous manner;
  • To provide the client, and caller, with knowledgeable and skilled Compliance Risk Specialists trained in relative compliance issues.

An integral component of an effective compliance program is the establishment of a reporting mechanism that provides employees with a means by which to voice their concerns on compliance and other regulatory issues without fear of retribution. To that end, callers may elect to remain anonymous. ComplianceLine tailors the calling process to "keep the door open" while maintaining the anonymity throughout the call back process.

Utilizing the combined 100 plus years of experience, the principals of Compliance Concepts, Inc. and the ComplianceLine staff offer an affordable alternative to the development of an internal reporting process. In addition to fulfilling the Federal government's guidelines, ComplianceLine provides an efficient and independent means of identifying and resolving employees' concerns regarding potential misconduct.



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